Our Farm

Thimble Hill is a small, 1.25 acre diversified orchard and plant nursery just outside Nelson, BC. We produce edible and useful perennial plants, vegetable starts, duck eggs, and seasonal produce. All the plants we sell are propagated and ecologically grown at our farm. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more photos and updates on our farm.

What’s New

UPDATE: Course is now full. Please email us to get on the waitlist.

The next session of our six-week online Food Forest Design Course starts in January! Check out our COURSE PAGE for more information.

Our latest blog posts

  • A Nerdy Note About Nitrogen-fixers
    Nitrogen is a vital nutrient for all plant life. It is a major component in chlorophyll, the compound by which plants take sunlight and CO2 to produce carbohydrates (carbon sequestration!). These carboyhydrates are essential building block for vegetative growth and […]
  • The Soil-Carbon Connection: an introduction to carbon farming
    In the past few years, climate change has evolved from a subject ignored by the general population, to one that now gets daily news coverage. People are increasingly aware of how the destruction of ecosystems and burning of fossil fuels […]
  • Cambium Munchers – techniques for protecting trees from rodents
    It’s been a steep learning curve the past few years as I’ve discovered just how much rodents love to chew the bark of young fruit trees. I’ve had to cut down, re-graft, bridge-graft (trunk bypass surgery), or give up on […]