About Us

Thimble Hill has been home to our family – Kim, Avi, Ben, and Felix – since the summer of 2017. When we bought the empty 1.25 acre lot it was a cleared south-facing slope of thimbleberries, one of our children’s favourite wild fruits. Given our small scale in the world of big orchards and nurseries, ‘thimble’ felt like a good name for our tiny hillside farm.

I (Kim) manage the orchard and nursery. Spending my early childhood on my family’s organic berry farm ignited a love of food and plants. I completed the Linnaea Farm Ecological Gardening Program in 2008, the Cascadia Permaculture Institute Teacher Training in 2012, and have worked for many years as a gardener, landscape designer, ecological gardening educator, and whole-foods cook. I am grateful to be growing long-term roots on a piece of land, producing food and plants for my community, and sharing my passion for perennial food systems with others.

You can read more on Thimble Hill through the Young Agrarians blog: https://youngagrarians.org/b-c-business-mentorship-network-thimble-hill-orchard/?fbclid=IwAR1KoMod-InDUJx-34v_ZMz2xEowU4K2Ydm14r-5nDa2y2QLutXiK8K6eUY

We are grateful to live in this part of the world, with Kokanee Glacier Park above us, and Kootenay Lake just below. Clean air, water, and soil make this a great place to grow healthy plants, food, and people. We care for this land knowing it is part of a much larger bioregion and watershed – all that we do while here must enhance the health and biodiversity of the ecosystems that surround us.