About Us

Thimble Hill has been home to our family – Kim, Avi, Ben, and Felix – since the summer of 2017. When we got this small acreage, it was a cleared slope of thimbleberries, one of our children’s favourite wild fruits. Given our small scale in the world of big orchards and nurseries, ‘thimble’ felt like a good name for our tiny hillside farm.

Kim manages the orchard and nursery. She enrolled in her first food forestry course in 2003 and has been passionate about perennial crops every since. She has studied their application in a wide range of contexts – from urban food forests on the BC Coast, to tropical forest gardens in Central America, to farm-scale agroforestry systems. She holds certificates in Ecological Gardening, Permaculture Design, Permaculture Education, and Food Forest Design, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Child & Youth Care. Kim has worked in a diversity of settings in the fields of ecological landscape design, organic agriculture, local food security/sovereignty, and permaculture education. She enjoys sharing her love of perennials and supporting others in creating their own edible ecosystems.