Ducklings and Eggs

Our flock of ducks is an essential part of our farm. They free range in our one-acre plant nursery and orchard, eating slugs and insects, fertilizing the soil, and keeping our clover pathways mowed. They are also excellent egg layers, each hen providing an average of 300 eggs per year – exceeding the production of many chicken breeds.


All Ducklings have been reserved for 2021. thank you all for your interest.

Breeds we have available:

Orchard Layers – a hybrid cross between Welsh Harlequin, Khaki Campbell, and Black Indian Runners. These mostly-black birds have hints of iridescence in their feathers, and the drakes have vibrant green heads. They are hardy birds, excellent foragers, and great layers. They lay large white eggs with a touch of olive green. Drakes are 5-6 lbs and have a wide breast which makes them good as a dual-purpose breed.

Welsh Harlequins – A breed on the ‘watch’ list according to the Livestock Conservancy, these beautiful white birds have iridescent purple/blue wing feathers and the drakes have gorgeous green and purple heads with similar colouring to wild mallards. They are calm, reliable egg layers that can often be broody and hatch out their own young. They are some of the highest egg producers of the recognised heritage breeds. Their pure white eggs are slightly smaller than our orchard layers – about the size of a jumbo chicken egg – and conveniently fit in regular egg cartons. You can read more about them HERE.

IF you would like to reserve ducklings for a set hatch date, or order hatching eggs, please email

Duck eggs are a rich, nutrient-dense source of protein. Comparing chicken eggs to duck eggs, duck eggs are:

  • 40-60% larger
  • More nutrient dense, containing higher levels of vitamin B12 (168% DV vs. 32% per 100 g), Omega fatty acids, Vitamins A and E, zinc, choline, lecithin, carotenoids, folate, protein, and iron
  • Have a larger yolk which gives them a richer and creamier flavour.
  • Protein structure is different from chickens’, which is why many people with egg allergies can eat duck eggs
  • Result in much fluffier and lighter baking, thanks to their lower water content and higher albumen levels
  • Have thicker shells, which help them stay fresh for longer and break less often

Our ducks are fed 100% certified organic feed and locally-grown sprouted whole grains. They cost $10 / dozen. If you would like to get on our egg waitlist, email There is currently more demand for eggs than we can produce, so you will be contacted when we have a surplus or a regular customer is passing on their weekly spot on our list.