Have a healthy tree but don’t like the fruit it produces? It can be top-worked and have a new variety grafted to the existing trunk and branches. You can also add multiple varieties to an existing tree to create your own fruit salad tree (within same plant family). If you have an heirloom variety of tree you want to save, are looking for a specific variety that you can’t find commercially, or want unique rootstocks suited to specific growing conditions, custom grafting of new trees is also an option. Let me know what you are looking for!


From backyard food forests and pollinator gardens, to larger perennial plantings on farms and homesteads, I can help you design a productive and vibrant food system. I mainly take on larger design projects during the winter months (Nov – March), and focus on the nursery and orchard during the growing season. Contact for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: I am not taking any new design clients in winter 2021. If you would like to get on the client interest list for fall, please send me an email – Kim