Sold out for 2021

Willows are fast growing plants that are great for weaving, creating living fences, stabilizing slopes, making a natural rooting hormone for plant propagation, and producing analgesic medicines (the source of salicylic acid). They need consistent moisture to thrive and do well in wetlands, along streams, and in moist low points.

BASKETRY WILLOW – Salix spp. – 1 gallon pots, 4 – 6′ tall

While you can weave with many types of willow, basketry willows produce long, flexible new growth with almost no branching. These can be harvested annually through coppicing (cut right to ground) or pollarding (single trunk pruned to set height) to give a continual supply of weaving material, or they can be grown as living fences, willow domes, and even living furniture. These varieties were originally from local weaver, Gwendolen (@wovenwild) – check out her beautiful baskets and basketry workshop offerings in the Slocan Valley (basket in photo was made in one of her 2-day workshops).

SOLD OUT – WEEPING WILLOW Salix spp. – 2 gallon pots, 2-3′ tall – $15.00

Weeping willows are probably the most familiar of the salix family. Tall, elegant trees that provide great shade and ornamental value, they can also be used to absorb excess soil moisture, make rooting hormone and medicines, and produce nutritious fodder for livestock. These young trees will need some pruning and training in the first few years to achieve a strong main trunk and the classic weeping willow frame.

CURLY WILLOW (aka corkscrew) – Salix spp. – 1 gallon pot, 2 – 4′ tall – $15.00

Curly willows produce beautiful twisted red and yellow branches that are gorgeous on the tree as well as in wreaths and weaving. Curly willows tend to grow to 30+’ in moist soil, they can be easily pruned to a smaller height. All the same benefits of weeping willow, but with a twist.